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STADIUM: Woolybridge Stadium

LOCATION: Woolybridge



Woolybridge Wanderers is a football club that has been a mainstay in the local leagues for years. The club was founded in the idyllic village of Woolybridge, known for its rolling green hills and fluffy sheep. The club's logo features a proud ram with a football below, representing the strength and determination of the team.


The Wanderers have had many past legends, but none are more famous than their star striker, Ewe-nice Shearer. Shearer was a true force on the pitch, known for her ability to weave past defenders. Another standout player was their goalkeeper, Wooliam the Conqueror, who was notorious for her ability to charge out of the goal like a rampaging ram.


The team plays their home matches at Woolybridge Stadium, a cozy venue nestled in the heart of the village. The stadium's stands are adorned with woolly blankets, and fans are often spotted wearing sheep hats and waving stuffed animal lambs.


One of the Wanderers' biggest rivals is the neighboring team, Froglam Foxes, with whom they compete fiercely in the annual Farmyard Cup. The rivalry has been known to get heated, with fans trading bleats and baas from the stands.


Despite their sheepish appearance, the Wanderers are a formidable team on the pitch, known for their speed, agility, and determination. Their opponents often find themselves left in the dust, wondering if they're facing a team of sheep or a team of lightning-fast gazelles.

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HEAD COACH - Ewe-nice Shearer

Age: 72 years old   Nationality: English


Meet Ewe-nice Shearer, the 72-year-old head coach of Woolybridge Wanderers, a top-tier Futera Ligai football team.


Ewe-nice is a legend in the football world, having been one of the greatest strikers of her time and the greatest ever player for Woolybridge Wanderers.


Her expertise on the pitch has translated into her coaching, as she leads her team with confidence and precision. Her players respect her for her vast knowledge of the game and her passion for success.


Ewe-nice's legacy as a player and now coach continues to inspire generations of footballers, making her a true icon in the sport.


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