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STADIUM: The Retro Dome

LOCATION: Shropley



Real Red Retro is a club that honors the glory days of football, where style and elegance on the field were as important as the result. Their kits feature bold designs and colors that would make any fashion icon proud.


The club is steeped in history, with legendary players such as the graceful winger Michel "The Magician" Magali, the goal-scoring machine Roberto "The Rocket" Rossi, and the rock-solid defender Luigi "The Wall" Rinaldi.


Real Red Retro's stadium, the Retro Dome, is an architectural masterpiece that brings fans back to the heyday of football. The stands are filled with supporters waving flags and singing classic football chants.


The atmosphere is electric, and the players feel the passion and energy from the stands. The club has a fierce rivalry with their neighbors, the Shropley Strikers, with heated matches that always end in dramatic fashion.


The two sides have played each other in many memorable matches, with Real Red Retro's famous comebacks and last-minute winners. Real Red Retro prides itself on playing beautiful football, with intricate passing and skillful dribbling.


They believe that football is not just a game, but an art form. And with their talented squad and passionate fanbase, they are poised to continue their legacy as one of the most stylish and successful clubs in the league.

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HEAD COACH - Sayyed Mustafa

Age: 63 years old   Nationality: Egyptian


Sayyed Mustafa is a 63-year-old Egyptian male head coach of the Futera Ligai football team, Real Red Retro.


Mustafa was a talented defender during his playing days and has since become a well-respected coach in the Egyptian football community. He has led several teams to success in his home country, but now seeks to make his mark on the international stage.


Known for his tactical acumen and ability to motivate his players, Mustafa is highly regarded by his peers and fans alike. Off the pitch, he is a devoted family man and enjoys reading books about history and philosophy.


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