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Midnight Emerald SC vs Real Rose FC


Futera Ligai fanatics, brace yourselves for a high-octane season opener as Midnight Emerald SC welcomes Real Rose FC to the electrifying Emerald Field! Expect sparks to fly and tackles to thunder as these two titans of the turf vie for early-season supremacy.

At the helm of Midnight Emerald SC is the Korean sensation, 37-year-old Jong-min Kim. With his razor-sharp tactics and a keen eye for the game, Kim has taken the Midnight Emerald SC to new heights. Keep an eye on Midnight Emerald's local hero Isaac Garcia and cult hero Jack Taylor, who will be eager to make their mark.

On the other side of the touchline, Real Rose FC is steered by the enigmatic 79-year-old Felix Njokwu. Hailing from Cameroon, this veteran gaffer has seen it all and still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Felix's unorthodox methods and unconventional tactics have kept Real Rose FC in the limelight. Real Rose FC's squad boasts up-and-coming talents like Bowie Stone and Soren Blake, alongside the experienced Hendrix Scott and Jax West.

As the Emerald Field comes to life, fans can expect an exhilarating match filled with heart-stopping moments and audacious displays of skill. With these two masterminds going head-to-head, who will emerge victorious in this ultimate battle of wits?

So, polish those vuvuzelas, grab your team scarves, and get ready for a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat encounter at Emerald Field. Midnight Emerald SC vs Real Rose FC – let the Futera Ligai fireworks begin!

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