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STADIUM: Crystal Peak Stadium

LOCATION: Monton Hill



Monton Hill Rangers is a football club based in the heart of Monton Hill, known for their tenacity on the pitch and their dedication to their fans. Their stadium, the Crystal Peak Stadium, is located at the foot of Monton Hill, surrounded by stunning views of the mountain range.


The club was founded in 1923 by a group of miners who had a passion for the sport. They started playing in the local leagues and quickly gained a reputation for their determination and fighting spirit. The club's crest features a pickaxe and a football, symbolizing their roots in the mining community.


One of the club's greatest legends is striker Brian Jackson, who scored over 250 goals for the team during his career. He was known for his powerful shots and his ability to score from any angle on the pitch. Another legend is goalkeeper Jackie "The Wall" Smith, who was renowned for his incredible reflexes and his ability to keep clean sheets in even the toughest matches.


Monton Hill Rangers' cross-town rival is Time City, with whom they have a fierce and longstanding rivalry. The two teams often compete for the top spot in the league, and their matches are always highly anticipated.


Despite the challenges they've faced over the years, Monton Hill Rangers remains a beloved and respected club in the community. Their commitment to hard work and their passion for the game continue to inspire fans and players alike.

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HEAD COACH - Diego Suarez

Age: 39 years old   Nationality: Uruguayan


Meet Diego Suarez, the 39-year-old head coach of Monton Hill Rangers, a top-tier Futera Ligai football team.


Hailing from Uruguay, Diego has been passionate about football since he was a child, playing at both amateur and professional levels before transitioning to coaching.


Known for his strategic mind and player development skills, Diego has led Monton Hill Rangers to great success on the pitch. His dedication to the game is unwavering, and he spends hours studying game footage to analyze his team's performance and identify areas for improvement.


When he's not coaching, Diego enjoys spending time with his family and cooking traditional Uruguayan dishes.


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