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STADIUM: Emerald Field

LOCATION: Jewel City



Midnight Emerald SC, known as the "Green Warriors," are a professional football club based in the heart of Jewel City.


Their home stadium, the Emerald Field, is known for its vibrant emerald green turf and towering emerald-shaped scoreboard. The club's history is rich with legends such as the "Emerald Flash" striker, Liam McAllister, whose lightning-fast speed on the field earned him a place in the club's Hall of Fame.


Another club legend is goalkeeper Royal Green, known for his incredible reflexes and sharp emerald green gloves. The Green Warriors have a fierce rivalry with the Inter Ruby, a club whose colors contrast sharply with the emerald green of Midnight Emerald SC.


The matches between the two clubs, known as the "Emerald vs Ruby Showdown," always draw large crowds. The club's motto, "Emeralds never give up," reflects their determination to never back down on the pitch.


The club's current manager, Jong-min Kim, has built a team known for their speed and precision passing, which has brought them success in both domestic and international competitions.


As the Green Warriors continue to strive for success, their fans, known as the "Emerald Army," will always be there to cheer them on with their signature emerald green scarves and banners.

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HEAD COACH - Jong-min Kim

Age: 37 years old   Nationality: Korean


Meet Jong-min Kim, the 37 year old head coach of Midnight Emerald SC in the Futera Ligai. Kim has always had a passion for football, playing the sport since he was a young boy in his hometown of Seoul, South Korea.


After a successful career as a midfielder in the K-League, Kim transitioned to coaching and quickly climbed the ranks. With a sharp tactical mind and a knack for motivating his players, Kim has led Midnight Emerald SC to new heights.


Off the pitch, he enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the local cuisine of the various cities he visits during the season.


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