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STADIUM: Futera Dome (an actual Dome)




Welcome to Futera United, the Bangkok-based football team that's truly Thai-riffic! Playing in the bustling heart of Thailand's capital, this Futera Ligai club has become synonymous with the beautiful game and the passionate fans that fuel it.

Futera United calls the spectacular Futera Dome their home – a stadium that's equal parts awe-inspiring and downright intimidating for visiting teams.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bangkok, the Futera Dome is an architectural marvel, boasting a daring design with a hint of Thai flair. It's said that some visitors have been so captivated by the Dome's grandeur, they've almost forgotten they were there to play football!


Throughout the years, Futera United has been graced by numerous legends, but none quite as iconic as the one and only Sarawut Boonmee. Known for his lightning-fast speed, agility, and uncanny goal-scoring ability, Boonmee was a true force of nature on the pitch, earning him the nickname "The Bangkok Blitz."

Today, Sarawut Boonmee continues to contribute to Futera United, not as a player, but as a mastermind head coach. Under his guidance, the team has adopted his trademark blend of skill, finesse, and unyielding determination.

From the grandeur of the Futera Dome to the unyielding spirit of its players, past and present, Futera United has carved out a unique space in the annals of football history. And as the club continues to dazzle fans both in Bangkok and beyond, one thing's for sure – Futera United's star is far from fading.

Futera United Stadium.png

HEAD COACH - Sarawut Boonmee

Age: 60 years old   Nationality: Thai


Sarawut Boonmee, the 60 year old coach of Futera United, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his role.


As a legendary player for the team, Boonmee set the Ligai record for most goals in a season in 1988. Known for his exceptional speed, agility, and precision on the field, he earned a reputation as one of the greatest players in Futera United's history.


Boonmee's passion for the game has not waned since his playing days, and he continues to inspire and motivate his team to greatness.


Under his leadership, Futera United is poised to make a deep run in the Ligai this season.


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