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STADIUM: The Lily Pad

LOCATION: Froglam Forest



The Froglam Foxes are a team that have been leaping to new heights in the football world. They're known for their hoppy play style, always ready to jump into action at a moment's notice.


Their home stadium, the Lily Pad, is located in the heart of the Froglam Forest, surrounded by the peaceful sound of chirping birds and croaking frogs.


Despite being relatively young, the Froglam Foxes have already made a splash in the league, ribbiting their way up the ranks with impressive wins and agile players.


Some of their past legends include Toady McFrogface, who was famous for his sticky grip on the ball, and Foxy Hopper, who could jump over any defender in his way.


However, the Froglam Foxes are not without their rivals, the Foxes are determined to keep their hold on the top of the food chain. With their quick reflexes and agile movements, the Froglam Foxes are a team to watch out for.


They're not afraid to take risks and always strive to be at the top of the pond.

Froglam Foxes Stadium.png

HEAD COACH - Juan Alvarez

Age: 55 years old   Nationality: Spanish


Juan Alvarez is the 55-year-old Spanish male head coach of Froglam Foxes, a Futera Ligai football team.


With over 30 years of experience in the football world, Alvarez is known for his tactical knowledge and strategic thinking on the field. He started his coaching career as an assistant coach for a Spanish club and worked his way up the ranks to become a head coach.


Alvarez's coaching philosophy focuses on developing a strong team spirit and building a winning mentality. Outside of football, he enjoys cooking traditional Spanish cuisine and spending time with his family.


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