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STADIUM: Forest Grove




Forrester United, also known as "The Reds", is a football club founded in 1922, located in the heart of Rose City. The team boasts a rich history and is known for their strong midfield and tenacious defense.


The club has won multiple league titles and has a loyal fan base that never fails to show their support, especially during their heated matches against cross-town rivals, Real Rose FC. One of the most legendary players to wear the red and white jersey is midfielder Jemima "The Green Machine" Fernandez, known for her incredible footwork and ability to find the back of the net.


Another club legend is defender Lisa Armstrong, who was known for her ability to shut down opposing strikers and lead by example on and off the field. Forrester United's home stadium, Forest Grove, is a beautiful venue that can hold up to 30,000 fans.


The stadium's location in the heart of Rose City makes it easy for fans to attend matches and support their beloved team. The grass is always kept in immaculate condition, providing the perfect pitch for the team's skilled players to showcase their talents.


In recent years, Forrester United has seen a resurgence in their performance, quickly climbing up the ranks and solidifying their position as one of the top teams in the league. With a mix of experienced veterans and promising young talent, the future looks bright for The Reds.


Fans can't wait to see what new legends will emerge from the team and lead them to victory against their fierce rivals, Real Rose FC.

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HEAD COACH - Mei-Ling Chen

Age: 44 years old   Nationality: Chinese


Introducing Mei-Ling Chen, the 44-year-old head coach of Forrester United, one of the top teams in Futera Ligai football.


Born and raised in China, Mei-Ling has dedicated her life to the beautiful game, earning a reputation as a brilliant tactician and strategist.


Her leadership skills and passion for the sport have made her a role model for young women in China and beyond. As head coach of Forrester United, Mei-Ling has implemented a new attacking style of play, thrilling fans with fast-paced, high-scoring matches.


With Mei-Ling at the helm, Forrester United is poised for greatness in the upcoming season.


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