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STADIUM: The Jewel Box

LOCATION: The Quarters



FC Ruby Quarters, founded in 1922, is a prestigious football club known for their skill and dazzling play on the pitch. The club is named after the precious gemstone, Ruby, which symbolizes passion, courage, and power.

Their home stadium, the Jewel Box, is located in the heart of the city and is renowned for its magnificent architecture and breathtaking views. The stadium has been the site of many memorable victories for FC Ruby Quarters, and has witnessed the triumphs of several legendary players throughout the club's history. One such player was Diamond Cutter, a striker known for his precise finishing and unbreakable spirit.

He led the team to numerous championships during his tenure and remains a beloved figure among fans. Another legendary player was Rory "The
Blaze" O'Connell, a midfielder with lightning speed and a deadly accurate shot. He was instrumental in many of the club's greatest triumphs and set the standard for all future midfielders.

FC Ruby Quarters' cross-town rivals are the Eastside Meteors, and their matches are always hotly contested affairs. Fans eagerly anticipate these matches, as they showcase the intense rivalries and passion that make football such a beloved sport.

As one of the oldest and most respected clubs in the league, FC Ruby Quarters continues to be a force to be reckoned with on the pitch. With a legacy of talented players and passionate fans, the club remains a shining jewel in the world of football.

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HEAD COACH - Koen van der Meer

Age: 35 years old   Nationality: Dutch


Meet Koen van der Meer, the 35-year-old head coach of FC RUBY QUARTERS, a top-tier Futera Ligai football team. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Koen developed a passion for football at a young age, eventually playing at a professional level before transitioning into coaching.


With a sharp football mind and a commitment to excellence, Koen has led FC RUBY QUARTERS to new heights during his tenure as head coach. He is known for his tactical acumen, player development skills, and ability to inspire his team to perform at their best.


When he's not on the pitch, Koen enjoys spending time with his family and exploring the diverse culture and cuisine of the Netherlands.


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