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LOCATION: Actonshire



Nestled in the heart of the Futera Ligai division 2, Acton Athletic is a team that has captured the imagination of football enthusiasts with their spirited performances and never-say-die attitude. Known for their love of the beautiful game and their knack for creating some electrifying moments on the pitch, Acton Athletic is a club that truly embodies the spirit of football.

Founded in 1921, Acton Athletic has a rich history that echoes through the ages. With a lineage of past legends who have graced the hallowed turf, the club has consistently delivered moments of sheer brilliance.

One such legend is Jimmy "The Lightning" Lancaster, a fleet-footed striker whose lightning-fast runs and thunderous strikes left defenders trembling in their boots. Lancaster's heroics helped Acton Athletic secure numerous victories, etching his name in the annals of football history.

The heartbeat of Acton Athletic lies in their home ground, the illustrious Meadow Park. Situated in the picturesque outskirts of Actonshire, this stadium exudes an old-world charm while boasting modern amenities. Its lush green pitch and passionate atmosphere create an electric ambiance that enchants both players and fans alike. Many opposition teams have crumbled under the pressure of playing in such an intimidating cauldron of support.

However, Acton Athletic's journey hasn't been without its challenges. One of their fiercest rivalries is with none other than Broughton Town, a club that shares a long-standing history of heated encounters. The clashes between Acton Athletic and Broughton Town, known as the 'Battle of the Boroughs' are not just battles on the field; they are contests that ignite the passions of the entire community.

Every meeting between these two titans of football serves as a spectacle of skill, determination, and fierce competition, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Off the pitch, Acton Athletic has also established itself as a pillar of the community. Through various community outreach programs, the club has been actively involved in nurturing young talent and promoting the values of teamwork and sportsmanship.

Acton Athletic's commitment to giving back has earned them the undying love and support of their loyal fans, who proudly don the team's colors on match days. So, whether it's the heart-stopping action on the pitch, the echoes of past legends, or the thrilling rivalry with Broughton Town, Acton Athletic is a club that brings football to life.

With each passing season, they continue to capture the hearts of football fans and inspire the next generation of players. Acton Athletic is a team that embodies the very essence of the game—passion, determination, and the pursuit of glory.

Acton Athletic.png

HEAD COACH - Robert McKenzie

Age: Approx 55 years old   Nationality: Australian


Introducing Robert "Baz" McKenzie, the seasoned 55-year-old Australian tactician at the helm of Southern Pumas, the Futera Ligai football team. With a wealth of experience and a tactical genius, Baz has carved his niche as a revered head coach.

Born and raised in Melbourne, his passion for the beautiful game has been an integral part of his life since childhood. Known for his unwavering dedication and attention to detail, Baz's coaching philosophy revolves around instilling discipline and fostering a cohesive team spirit.

Under his astute leadership, the Southern Pumas have risen to prominence, consistently challenging the giants of the league and leaving an indelible mark on Australian football.


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