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Founded under the bright stadium lights and in the spirit of playful competition, Dynamo Dotty United has been the heartbeat of football in the Futera Ligai Division 2. This team, affectionately known as "The Dots," has been leaving their mark on the pitch and in the hearts of their dedicated supporters since its establishment.

In the heart of Futera Ligai, the home of Dynamo Dotty United, stands the iconic Dot Dome. Located in the bustling hub of the city, this stadium boasts a history as rich and colorful as the team it hosts. The Dot Dome is more than a stadium; it's a home, a sanctuary, and a fortress, where the echoes of past triumphs continue to inspire future victories.

Here, every corner kick is a curveball, and every goal sends waves of pure, unadulterated dot-delight rippling through the crowd. Over the years, Dynamo Dotty United has been graced by a constellation of women's football legends, with each player leaving their unique imprint on the team's legacy.

One such luminary is the ever-elusive winger, Bella "The Dotty Dynamo" Dawson, famous for her lightning-fast runs and unpredictable movements that left opponents seeing spots. Her famous quote, "In football, as in life, sometimes you have to connect the dots," has become a rallying cry for the club.

Another icon in the team's history is the legendary goalkeeper, Daisy "The Dot Wall" Davis. Daisy was renowned for her cat-like reflexes and unwavering presence between the posts, often leaving opponents dazed and confused as they struggled to penetrate her impenetrable defense. Her heroic saves earned her the nickname "The Dot Wall" among the passionate Dynamo Dotty United supporters.

Guiding the team with her tactical acumen and ability to connect the dots on the pitch is their current manager, the charismatic former player Jessie "Jigsaw" Johnson. Under her leadership, the Dots showcase a unique blend of youthful energy and experienced wisdom, a combination that keeps their rivals constantly on their toes.

Dynamo Dotty United is not just a football club; it's a community, a family, a collective dream turned reality. On the pitch, the team's relentless spirit and determination are a testament to the values they stand for - unity, resilience, and a never-ending love for the beautiful game.

They don't just play football; they connect the dots of joy, passion, and unity, adding vibrant colors to the green pitch. Long live Dynamo Dotty United, where every game is not just about scoring goals but connecting the dots of joy, passion, and unity in the heart of Futera Ligai.

Dynamo Dotty United.png
Dynamo Dotty United.png

HEAD COACH - Vladislaus Dragomir

Age: Approx 125 years old   Nationality: Romanian


As a centuries-old vampire, Vladislaus Dragomir has seen it all, from the rise and fall of civilizations to the evolution of football itself.


Despite his advanced age, his passion for the game has never waned, and he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and strategy that he employs as head coach of Batford Sucker Club.


His piercing gaze and commanding presence on the sidelines instills fear and respect in his players, and his unorthodox training methods have produced results that have baffled even the most seasoned football analysts.


His tactics may be unconventional, but there's no denying his success in the Futera Ligai.


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