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LOCATION: Blueberry Town



Welcome to Blueberry Town F.C., a captivating football club in the esteemed Futera Ligai. Established in 1915, this club has developed a rich tradition of nurturing local talent and displaying high-level competitiveness.

Their renowned stadium, the Berry Bowl, situated in the heart of Blueberry Town, is not just an architectural marvel, but a symbol of the town's spirit. On matchdays, it transforms into a cauldron of passion, with fans enthusiastically rallying behind their team. Among the club's celebrated players, Jack Brennan, also known as "The Blueberry Bomber", stands out.

Brennan was a prolific striker, famous for his speed and uncanny ability to score. His record of 30 goals in a single season remains untouched. Martin Thompson, another legend, was the club's stalwart goalkeeper. His exceptional saves, particularly during the unforgettable 1985 Futera Ligai Final, have secured his place in the annals of the club's history.

The rivalry between Blueberry Town and Nanglinchee United is one of the highlights of the Futera Ligai. Dubbed the "Fruit Bowl", these annual matches provide a fascinating contrast between grassroots passion and corporate-backed power.

The games are eagerly anticipated by fans, offering drama and unforgettable moments like Brennan's last-minute header in the 1992 Futera Ligai Final, which clinched Blueberry Town's third league title. With a history steeped in triumphs and a future filled with promise, Blueberry Town F.C. is a testament to the power of perseverance and dedication in football.

Their journey serves as an inspiration for clubs everywhere, demonstrating that with passion and hard work, even the underdogs can have their day.

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HEAD COACH - Vladislaus Dragomir

Age: Approx 125 years old   Nationality: Romanian


As a centuries-old vampire, Vladislaus Dragomir has seen it all, from the rise and fall of civilizations to the evolution of football itself.


Despite his advanced age, his passion for the game has never waned, and he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and strategy that he employs as head coach of Batford Sucker Club.


His piercing gaze and commanding presence on the sidelines instills fear and respect in his players, and his unorthodox training methods have produced results that have baffled even the most seasoned football analysts.


His tactics may be unconventional, but there's no denying his success in the Futera Ligai.


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