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LOCATION: Meadow Park



Armdale Town, a gem in the heart of the Futera Ligai Division 2, is a football club that's got more kicks than a caffeine-fueled kangaroo. Nestled in the stunning greenery of Armdale, the club's home turf, the Meadow Park Stadium, has been a beacon of local community spirit and football prowess for generations.

Over the years, Armdale Town has been graced with legends that have left an indelible mark on the club's rich tapestry. One such legend, Billy 'The Boot' Baxter, is still revered for his ferocious free-kicks in the late '70s.
He was a true maestro of the midfield, orchestrating play like a symphony conductor with a soccer ball.

Armdale Town is no stranger to adversity, having faced numerous battles both on and off the pitch. Yet, much like the phoenix emblem emblazoned on their crest, the club always manages to rise from the ashes.

They've proved time and time again that they can certainly 'handle the heat' of Division 2, making them a 'hot' favorite among many of the league's ardent followers. Despite the 'ups and downs' synonymous with football, Armdale Town remains steadfast, showing that they are not just a team, but a family.

The club's enduring spirit, embodied by its loyal fans, is a testament to the enduring love for the beautiful game in Armdale. The club's motto, 'Semper Sursum' ('Always Upwards'), captures their ceaseless pursuit of excellence.

So, whether you're a die-hard Armdale fanatic or a casual football observer, one thing is certain when you step into Meadow Park Stadium: you're in for a ball of a time.

Armdale Town.png

HEAD COACH - Vladislaus Dragomir

Age: Approx 125 years old   Nationality: Romanian


As a centuries-old vampire, Vladislaus Dragomir has seen it all, from the rise and fall of civilizations to the evolution of football itself.


Despite his advanced age, his passion for the game has never waned, and he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and strategy that he employs as head coach of Batford Sucker Club.


His piercing gaze and commanding presence on the sidelines instills fear and respect in his players, and his unorthodox training methods have produced results that have baffled even the most seasoned football analysts.


His tactics may be unconventional, but there's no denying his success in the Futera Ligai.


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