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LOCATION: Amazing City



Amazing City FC, a vibrant gem nestled in the heart of Division 2 of the Futera Ligai, was formed back in 1978, and it was no mere 'kick' in the park.

The founders, a group of football aficionados, dreamt of a club that would one day rise from the ashes of obscurity, dribbling its way to glory. From humble beginnings in a local park, the club has made a 'goal' of it and surged up the ranks to become one of the stalwarts of Division 2 in the Futera Ligai.

Home matches for Amazing City FC are nothing short of, well, amazing! They take place in the heart of the city, at the aptly named Amazing Arena. This ground, with a capacity of 25,000, often echoes with the roaring support of the home crowd, dubbed the 'City Screamers'.

Their roars of encouragement often drown out the city's hustle and bustle on match days. Talk about home field advantage! Now, every club has its legends, and Amazing City FC is no different. Who can forget the dazzling skills of 'Lightning' Luis Gonzalez?

His ability to dance past defenders as if they were mere training cones earned him a spot in the club's hall of fame. And then there was goalkeeper 'Safe Hands' Sam Johnson, who seemed to have an almost magnetic attraction to the ball.

Their contributions to the club's history are etched in gold, and they are remembered fondly every time a player dons the club's iconic pink jersey. It's not all fun and games in football, and Amazing City FC knows it all too well. Their rivalry with Purple Lines FC is the stuff of legends, a true 'battle of the ball.'

These fierce contests, known as the 'Thread and Needle Derby,' are eagerly anticipated by both sets of fans, often turning the city into a sea of Pink, with a splash of purple.

Friendships are temporarily put on hold during these matches, but the spirit of sportsmanship never ceases, ensuring the rivalry remains one of the most exciting in the Futera Ligai. In conclusion, Amazing City FC is more than just a football club.

It's a symbol of unity, passion, and resilience, a testament to the love of the 'beautiful game.' Whether they're playing a friendly or in a tense match against Purple Lines FC, one thing's for sure - they always put on an 'amazing' show.

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Amazing City.png

HEAD COACH - Vladislaus Dragomir

Age: Approx 125 years old   Nationality: Romanian


As a centuries-old vampire, Vladislaus Dragomir has seen it all, from the rise and fall of civilizations to the evolution of football itself.


Despite his advanced age, his passion for the game has never waned, and he has amassed a wealth of knowledge and strategy that he employs as head coach of Batford Sucker Club.


His piercing gaze and commanding presence on the sidelines instills fear and respect in his players, and his unorthodox training methods have produced results that have baffled even the most seasoned football analysts.


His tactics may be unconventional, but there's no denying his success in the Futera Ligai.


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